Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration

The Mustang 45th Anniversary Celebration this past April 16-19 was a complete success. After working on the the 30th in 1994, the 35th in 1999 and the 40th in 2004 while working on the Ford Division business at J. Walter Thompson, I can say the 45th was an outstanding event. Over 70,000 enthusiasts traveled from all over the globe to join the festivities at Barber Motorsports Park near Birmingham, Alabama.  It was fun to see people wearing Potsdam, Germany Mustang Club shirts!

A number of companies installed their equipment and parts. Ford Racing had an awesome display with an install section where they installed everything from rear end gears to sway bars. Classic Design Concepts was busy all four days installing everything from light bars to sequential turn signals. Mustang Racing Technologies was busy all during the vent installing a variety of items from hood struts to their new H-Pipe.  Kicker Audio was Livin’ Loud with the first public appearance of the new Kicker/Shelby audio system for 2005-10 Mustangs. The Kicker/Shelby products are available through Shelby Automobiles and Shelby Performance parts.

On Friday had the opportunity to meet with Ford Motor Company CEO, Alan Mulally. Hes impressive. After bringing Boeing back from the dead, he is revitalizing Ford with great new products and bring in talented people to make Ford the industry leader.

The open track had been sold out for months and featured an added attraction, the Mustang Challenge Series races on Friday and Saturday. Two races that showcased some excellent and lots of exciting driving.

I was pleased to work on sponsor recruitment for the Mustang 45th and believe all received excellent value for their investment.

The Mustang 45th Anniversary was a success because Steve Prewitt, Director, Randy Cunningham Deputy Directory and legions of Mustang Club of America volunteers work long and hard for over a year to make the event so memorable.