The Mitty

For the last few years,my good friend, Keith Keplinger has been after me to attend The Mitty, held annually at Road Atlanta. This year I finally did so. An easy four hour drive from Tuscaloosa, I had not been to Road Atlanta for a few years and was impressed with all the updates and improvements.
The Mitty activities include a weekend vintage racing along with the Classic Motorsports Magazine Speedfest at The Mitty. The Speedfest consists of a featured marque, this year BMW, a vendor midway, car corrals for just about every sports car club along with a parade laps on both days. The Concours D’ Lemons attracts a wide variety of vehicles that represent the name of the event well. On Sunday the Classic Motorsports Skidpad Challenge is open to anyone who believes their vehicle can turn impressive Gs.

A nice selection of Classic Motorsports magazine’s project cars that are always fun to check out. The Tornado Typhoon sports racer, one of 300 built in England during the 1950s was a popular attraction.

The Coker Tire Cruise- in from their headquarters in Nashville attracted a large number of sports cars and sedans arrive on Saturday. Coker Tire also was a major sponsor, including the World of Sports Cars corrals showcasing many very cool rides.

MRT brought their 2015 EcoBoost Mustang they unveiled at the 2014 SEMA Show. On Saturday, Tim Suddard, Classic Motor sports Publisher test drove and photographed the Mustang on the winding roads that surround Road Atlanta. for a future article in Grassroots Motorsports, The MRT EcoBoost Mustang also turned an impressive 1.18gs during the Skidpad Challenge. This is a street legal Mustang that goes fast, looks great and obviously handles extremely well.

A major reason whey the weekend was so much fun is the exceptional way the staff of Classic Motorsports plans and executes the event. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tim and Advertising Sales Manager, Casey Roush for some time and it was nice to meet; Tim’s wife Margie, Art Director J.G.Pasterjack, Associate Publisher Joe Gearin and Circulation Manager, Nancy Gomes. Together the team did a masterful job all weekend making for a first class event.

Keith Keplinger is correct, Speedfest at The Mitty is an event that enthusiasts should have on their events to attend.

The MRT 2015 EcoBoost Mustang turned turned an impressive 1,18gs during the Skidpad Challenge.

The MRT 2015 EcoBoost Mustang turned turned an impressive 1,18gs during the Skidpad Challenge.